Healthcare, Childcare and Higher Education

Steve Adubato is joined by Michellene Davis, Esq., President & CEO, National Medical Fellowship, to talk about the impact of the COVID pandemic on health care disparities, vaccine resistance and hesitancy in minority and underserved communities, and the long-term impact of racial disparities in Black maternal and infant health. Steve Adubato speaks with Lynette M. […]

NJ Congressman and State Senator Talk Capitol Riots and COVID Leadership

Steve Adubato is joined by U.S. Congressman Andy Kim (D) – NJ, 3rd Congressional District, to reflect on his personal experience during the January 6th U.S. Capitol riots, the future of our democracy, and the long-term impact of disinformation on the nation. They also talk about how the pandemic exacerbated discrimination and racism towards the […]

Analyzing Trump + His Presidency

Steve Adubato is joined by Nicole Swenarton, Executive Producer, Think Tank with Steve Adubato, to discuss this episode of Think Tank. Steve Adubato sits down with Elie Honig, Senior Legal Analyst, CNN, Former Federal and State Prosecutor, and Author, Hatchet Man, to discuss his book and the meaning behind the “prosecutor’s code,” the role of […]