Nicky Sheats, Ph.D, Esq.; Max Pizarro

As part of our “Urban Matters” Special Series, Nicky Sheats, Ph.D, Esq., Director of the Center for the Urban Environment at the John S. Watson Institute for Urban Policy and Research at Kean University, sits down with Steve Adubato to discuss combating environmental injustice in urban communities. Then, Max Pizarro, Editor-in-Chief at, joins Steve […]

Making a Difference: Addressing Period Poverty

As part of our “Making A Difference” series, Steve Adubato is joined by three passionate women to examine creating sustainable change for those affected by period poverty. Panelists include:Emma Joy, Co-Founder, Girls Helping Girls. Period.Bridget Cutler, Founder and Co-Executive Director, Moms Helping Moms FoundationAsw. Shanique Speight (D) – NJ, Assembly Deputy Speaker, 29th Legislative District […]

Sahar Aziz

Sahar Aziz, Distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School and Director of the Center for Security, Race and Rights at Rutgers University, joins Steve Adubato as part of a special series, “Confronting Racism & Prejudice,” to respond to the historic rise in Islamophobia across the nation, the vandalization of the Center for Islamic Life […]