Peter Webster; Julie Roginsky & Mike DuHaime; Dr. Joe Duffy

Steve Adubato is joined by Nicole Swenarton, Senior Producer, Think Tank with Steve Adubato, to discuss this episode of Think Tank.

Steve Adubato speaks with Peter Webster, Resident Managing Director, Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon, about the connection between quality, affordable child care and the economy, the importance of child care to the business industry, and the history and significance of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

Steve Adubato sits down with Julie Roginsky, Democratic Strategist & President of Optimus Communications, and Mike DuHaime, Republican Strategist and Partner of Mercury LLC, to talk about how divided we are as a nation and the significance of people believing misinformation about COVID-19 and climate change science.

Steve Adubato sits down with Joseph Duffy, MD, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, St. Joseph’s Health, to discuss the importance of educating the public about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, the effective treatments for COVID-19, and the fatigue healthcare workers are experiencing during the crisis. 3/14/21